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Finally a security book for the Site Owner!
There are many books for administrators, developers, designers and end users, but few for the site owner. This one is for you, the SharePoint site owner and the SharePoint power user. It's also for the SharePoint administrator or developer who needs to understand how authorization works in SharePoint. The developers and administrators even have their own chapters on security development and PowerShell.

Work on this book started with the creation of my blog site in 2007. Or maybe it started in 2006 with the students in my SharePoint classes when they asked questions about the obvious and not so obvious SharePoint security features. I was always looking for a SharePoint security resource to point people to. I found content for server administrators and for developers, but nothing for site owners. Finally I decided I could quickly put together a little book on the topic. Little did I know just how much I would end up writing, testing and rewriting to get this thing done!


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About the author:
Michael T. Smith

Mike is currently a Senior Instructor at MAX Technical Training in Cincinnati Ohio. He has worn many IT hats over the last thirty years as a business owner, developer, tech writer, trainer, DBA and consultant. He is a SharePoint MVP for 2010 - 2014 and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He specializes in SharePoint, SQL Server and .NET development. Mike is a member of the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group leadership team and when time permits, speaks at SharePoint user groups, SharePoint Saturday events and other SharePoint events.  Mike has written over 120 training and technical manuals, and two SharePoint books.