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Finally a book for the Site Owner!
This book is designed to get you, the site owner, started in customizing your SharePoint site with the tools you have readily at hand. This book has complete copy and paste solutions, and it also shows how each solution was crafted and how it works. After working though a few of the customizations and picking up some basic skills you can start to figure out how SharePoint has been put together and start creating your own customizations.
The book is for the SharePoint Site Owner and the SharePoint power user. It's also for the developer who does not want to "reinvent the wheel" and create a complex solution when a simpler one is available. It's for the SharePoint administrator who is always asked to do the impossible!
The solutions in this book take advantage of SharePoint's web based design to leverage SharePoint features, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets to create some very easy and useful SharePoint customization


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About the author:
Michael T. Smith

Mike is currently a Senior Instructor at MAX Technical Training in Cincinnati, Ohio and has worn many IT hats over the last thirty years as a business owner, developer, tech writer, trainer, DBA and consultant. He is a SharePoint MVP for 2010 - 2013 and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He specializes in SharePoint, SQL Server and .NET development. Mike is a member of the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group leadership team and when time permits, speaks at SharePoint user groups, SharePoint Saturday events and other SharePoint events. Mike has written over 120 training and technical manuals, and now a book!